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Online Vid Count: 98
Stages Proven: 71/71
Update 06/07/07
Yikes! Nearly four months since the last update. I have several new videos, in fact every page on the site had to be updated. First up, for TS2 we have several very good vids, including a couple WRs, which were already posted on ngc's message board but not on this site. Retroracer 57.40 was a nice improvement on my old record, but the best vid has to be Bricking It 15.6 which easily breaks the 16 second barrier using a blind throw at the beginning. The rest are:

Brace Yourself 48.5
Golem Guru 47.8
They're Not Pets 105 kills
Shrinking from the Cold 25.4
Superfly Lady 26.5
Bricking It 15.6
RetroRacer 57.40

In TS2 Story I added a link to my Siberia Normal 4:20 at the bottom.

In TS1 there's just one new vid. Docks Easy 42.2. It was a good run.

Docks Easy 42.2

Enjoy the vids

Update 02/18/07
Two new TS2 story vids have been added. One for Atom Smasher Easy in 3:05, and one for Planet X Normal in 4:54. Both are world records. In addition, a 104 kill run for They're Not Pets is also available.

For TS1, I've recently completed a untied WR sweep of Spaceways. All three vids are available. In addition, I've put all three runs into one video, which you can find at:

Spaceways Ownage

Finally, I'm feeling lazy today, so sorry about not having links to the new vids on the front page. ;)

Update 01/29/07
First off, all of my TS2 Story Easy videos are now on YouTube. Links to those vids have been added on the appropriate page. In addition, there are three new vids that were not there before. The first is a WR vid for NeoTokyo in 4:13. Then there's a 3:30 vid for Robot Factory. Finally there's a Spacestation vid in 3:42 done using a new strat. Those times take my total story easy time under the 27:00 mark, and I also have all of the Story Easy WR at this point.

Next, I played a lot of SLS in the last week and ended up getting over 4 million points on it, which is a world record.

SLS 4,001,450

Update 01/12/07
I've been playing a little bit of TS2 lately and now I have four new vids. First is a 51.0 for Rocket Man. I did achieve a faster 50.2, but I had forgotten to hit record. 51.0 is still the fastest vid ever made for the stage, so that's nice. Next is a very nice 82 kill run on Demolition Derby. I've been trying to get 80 or above for a while now. The end of the run is funny...

I've also been playing some old school. First is a surprising, for me anyway, 197881 on Astrolander Hard. I jumped from 189,xxx to that in one fairly well played run.

Finally, there is now an Anaconda vid on this site. I got 18329. Now that this stage has a vid, I now have proof for all 71 stages of Timesplitters 2. I'm the first player to do so. In addition, there are only two stages for which I have a different vid that what my PR is. Those are for Rocket Man(51.0 vid, 50.2 PR) and Astrolander Easy(254284 vid, 255705 PR).

Demolition Derby 82
Rocket Man 51.0
Anaconda 18329
Astrolander Hard 197881

Update 01/02/07
Happy new year everyone. I have three new TS2 vids availabe and a single TS1 vid. For TS2 we have a 77 kill run on Demolition Derby, Men in Gray 35.6 and a nice 4.5 on Pane in the Neck. The PitN vid replaces my 4.9, which was the first TS2 vid I ever made.

For TS1, we have a vid for Docks Normal. It's a world record and it breaks the difficult 43.0 barrier, coming in at a nice 42.7.

Demolition Derby 77
Men in Gray 35.6
Pane in the Neck 4.5
Docks Normal 42.7

Update 11/13/06
Sort of a neat update this time around. I have four new vids. One is a World Record vid for TS1, one is a World Record vid for TS2, and two are World Record vid for TSFP. I usually don't put my TSFP vids online as it's my least favorite game of the series and I have limited space for vids online, but I thought I'd make an exception this time around.

For TS1, I have a 1:06.9 for challenge 1A. It's difficult just getting under 1:10 on that stage, so I was quite happy breaking 1:07.

For TSFP, we first have a Front Loaded vid in 47.9. I made this vid months ago, but I never actually got it online. We also have a vid for Queen of Harts in 1:30.2. A nice tied record.

Finally, the best of the bunch is from TS2. I hadn't played Silent But Deadly at all since getting 26.7 back in February, but some failed scores from Fitzy and Sniper_WD made it apparent that 26.6 was defenitely possible and 26.5 was also very likely. It was enough to motivate me to play the stage again, and after a few hours play I got a completion. It was for 26.5, and I was lucky to get it. It was only the second time I had a legit run that was of that speed, and fortunately I completed all of the shots and the mine. 26.4 might just barely be possible, but I've never failed it on a legit run. Usually I end up getting seen by the first camera while doing the mine throw when I have a run that is fast enough for 26.4 or better.

1A Behead the Undead 1:06.9
Silent But Deadly 26.5
Front Loaded 47.9
Queen of Harts 1:30.2

Update 10/26/06
Two new TS2 vids. The first is another Rocket Man vid. This one is for 51.8 and it looks a lot like the 52.0 vid that I put up a couple updates ago. The second vid is defenitely worth taking a look at. It's RetroRacer done in 57.58, a new world record that broke the second longest lasting untied TS2 WR. ExpertGamer got 57.61 way back on April 14th of 2003 and it stood untouched all the way until October 24th 2006 when I achieved my 57.58.

RetroRacer 57.58
Rocket Man 51.8

Update 10/7/06
Two new TS1 videos available. I had these ready a couple days after last update, but I've been lazy about uploading them. Both are for Planet X, and both are world records. The first is on normal and is for a very 50.1. The other is on Hard and is for 49.9. It was nice to get under the 50 second barrier. A year ago I thought such a time was absolutely out of the question.

Planet X Normal 50.1
Planet X Hard - 49.9

Update 9/27/06
Couple of new TS2 vids available. One is a world record vid on Aztec the Dinosaur Hunter with 129 kills. The other is a 52.0 vid of Rocket Man showcasing a bit of a different strat that was used by Remlosh at scopinfo to pull off a nice 50.2. It works well, but it's a bit tougher to pull off than the most commonly used strat.

Aztec the Dino Hunter 129 kills
Rocket Man 52.0

Update 8/31/06
What? Another update already? I have some new TS1 stuff up and all of them are world records. All of these are from the past week of insanity over at the Timesplitters 1 Elite at scopinfo. In just 7 days, 23 world records have been set. The most active stages have been on Spaceways, where the normal and hard records have been taken down to 45.1 and tied by three players for normal and two players for hard, plus a WR tie on easy. The other major stage activity has been on Planet X, where the times for Normal and Hard ended up being taken way down as a result of hard work from Sniper_W.D., which gave me incentive to start playing the stage like crazy in order to get my WRs back. In the end, 36.9 on easy was tied, Normal was taken down to 50.8, then 50.7 and was tied. Hard went from 50.9 to 50.4 to 50.3 to a 50.0 from myself which remains untied, but who knows for how long? Videos:

Tomb Hard 1:14.3
Spaceways Normal 45.1
Spaceways Hard 45.1
Planet X Normal 50.7
Planet X Hard 50.0

Update 8/27/06
Been a long time since last update, but I've got some new vids online. All of them worth watching I'd say. The bulk of this update is in TS1 vids. Six new vids for that section and five of them are either world records or site records. We have a 100.0% run on Crispy Duck, but perhaps the most interesting of them all is a 1:52.1 on 4C Brick Flung High. It makes use of a new strategy that came about when Ace from scopinfo pointed out that you can use your fists on that challenge. Thus, I ended up beating my 1:58.5, which was a time I thought I would never lower. There is also an 8 bag run on 8B, a 172 kill run on 2B, and a nice 39.3 WR for Tomb Easy. Finally, there is a 44896 run on 9C Space Vandals, which I'm sure is a welcome addition to the gamefaqs players who often struggle with the stage.

For TS2 there are two new vids. A nice 53.5 on Scrap Metal, and a very nice 51.0 on Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time. I no longer have the world record on that stage, however. Quochendov took that away with an impressive 50.9 run.

Tomb Easy 39.3
2B Duck Dock Shoot 172 Kills
2C Crispy Duck 100.0%
4C Brick Flung High 1:52.1
8B Dinner Dates 8 Bags
9C Space Vandals 44896

Scrap Metal 53.5

Update 5/20/06
Only two new vids this time, but both are worth seeing. The first is a 27.5 for Stain Removal, and the second is a 103 kill run on They're Not Pets!

Update 5/6/06
Another large update this time, the majority of which comes from the TS1 department. 11 new vids. Three for TS2 and eight for TS1. All of the TS1 vids are either a world record or an ngc-elite site record.

Stain Removal 29.5
R109 Beta 87 Kills
Starship Whoopers 54 Kills

3A Tin Man Trial 4:58.5
7A Shop 'til you Drop 23 Bags
Docks Easy 42.3
Docks Normal 43.1
Docks Hard 44.2
Planet X Normal 51.1
Tomb Normal 1:02.4
Village Normal 33.2

Finally, the TS2 Story Easy vids were taken offline to make room for more TS1 vids. If there is a vid from that page that you want to see, please follow the instructions at the top of the page and email me.

Update 4/5/06
Quite a large update this time around. 7 new vids for TS2 have been added.

Aztec Dino Hunter 124 kills
Baking for the Taking 1:16.3
R109 Beta 79 kills
Nice Threads 51.4
Astrolander Medium 221072
Astrolander Hard 187258

I also recently became first on the TS2 ranks over at scopinfo. Finally, with the Astrolander Hard vid added, there remains just one stage TS2 for which I do not have a video. Anaconda.

Update 3/6/06
Two nights ago I surprised myself while attempting to tie the world record time of 2:15.x on Station Stand by getting an unprecedented 2:10.4 which is the best possible time that can be achieved. 2:05.x is mathematically possible, but that would involve getting all four zones in the first 5 seconds, which is not possible. I had a lot of lucky breaks during the run, some that are obvious and others that aren't. The vid has been added.

Update 3/4/06
Four new TS2 vids this update, including a new WR for Silent But Deadly. After I had achieved a 26.9, a new and faster strat was proven to work. This was done by Fitzy, who achieved a 27.3 on the PAL version of the game, roughly equivalent to 26.8 ntsc. I managed to get a nice 26.7.

In addition, there's a new Dam Bursters vid of 24,670, which is the second best score ever achieved on that stage, and also a 46.4 vid of Hangar Hats Off!, also a second best score. Finally, I have a 65 kill run of Big Top Blowout, which isn't a WR or even second best, but is still pretty good.

Finally, for the original Timesplitters, I have two new World Record vids, both on village. One is a 33.3 for Village Normal, and the other is a 33.8 for Village Hard. You'll find the links to both of those near the bottom of the TS1 page. Enjoy!

Update 1/29/06
Three new vids, all of them in Arcade Amateur, including a new world record for Chastity Chased. Getting 47.5 on that stage is always nice. Also added are Demolition Derby 75, and Scrap Metal 55.1.

Update 1/17/06
Only one new TS2 vid for this update, but I think it's safe to say that it's a vid that a lot of people will want watch. The near-legendary 27 second barrier on Silent But Deadly was broken last night by yours truly, and the vid of the new world record time of 26.9 is now online.

There are also two new TS1 vids, both of which are world records, and both of which are on Spaceways, and both of which just happen to be the same time. I went and got a nice 45.2 on Spaceways Normal a while back and shortly after that I thought I'd be nice to do the same on Hard. Both vids can be found near the bottom of the TS1 page.

Enjoy the vids everyone!

Update 1/04/06
Happy new year everyone! A few new vids have been added, the best of which is probably Bricking It 16.3. The vid quality on that one isn't so great, however, because the tape I recorded with is going bad, so trying to capture the run was a lesson in frustration. Also added for TS2 are Can't Handle This 1:20.2, Cold Corpse Caper 89 kills, and a very nice 24.5 on Golden Thighs.

In TS1, two world record vids have been added. They are Chinese Easy 32.6 and Spaceways Hard 45.5. Enjoy!

Update 12/23/05
Several new vids have been added. For TS2 we have:

Spoils of War - 18.9
Rocket Man - 53.0
Double Bill - 54.0
RetroRacer - 57.93
Chastity Chased - 49.1

There are also two new TS1 vids, both world records. The first is Village Easy 18.7, and the other is Planet X Normal 51.7.

Finally, there were couple of vids that didn't work that someone emailed me about, which have been fixed. This was a result of the server crash that I mentioned a couple updates ago. In addition, I noticed that the honorary and old school pages that were up were from quite a few months ago, with several of the links and times out of date. That has also been remedied. Hopefully there's nothing else...

Finally, have a great christmas everyone!

Update 12/15/05
I achieved two very nice new scores since last update. Adios Amigos 17.6 and Dead Fraction 54.8. The vids for those have been added. Those two scores have also put me in the #1 position at scopinfo, but just barely.

A note about the dead fraction vid. For some reason the tape was bad, and when I played back the run, the tracking would go to hell every 10 seconds or so. I discovered, however, that if I tapped the top of the VCR just as it started to happen, then it'd go back to normal. Unfortunately, you can hear the tapping on the vid, and the quality overall isn't that great, but it could be a lot worse.

Update 12/13/05
Added two vids to the challenge section, with a very nice 16.6 for Bricking It, and a pretty boring 147700 for DotD.

Also got two new times for story easy, with Chicago 2:24 and Spacestation 3:45. Those vids have also been added.

Finally, for all 2 of you out there that really care, had a server crash just a bit ago, and several vids one the site were down for the few days about a week ago. Everything is now fixed and hopefully running smoothly. Enjoy the vids!

Update 11/09/05
Added three new vids. Night Shift 86 kills, Demolition Derby 73 kills, and Monkey Mayhem 13,875.

Update 11/09/05
Added the vid for Gone Bananas 39.6, and also added the 35.5 vid for Cyberden Easy to the TS1 section.

Update 10/30/05
I broke my own world record on Gone Bananas and got a very nice 39.7. The vid has been added along with a vid for Rice Cracker Rush in 2:09.8. In TS1, I went under the 45 second barrier on Spaceways Easy, with a nice world record time of 44.9. The vid has been added to the TS1 section.

Update 10/27/05
Achieved a world record time of 51.1 on HMBOMT, and the vid for it has been added to the site. I also have made an unprecedented update to the old school section of the site with two new vids for astrolander easy and medium, bring the TS2 vid total to 69 stages out of a possible 71.

I also overlooked the fact during last update that this site celebrated it's one year anniversary on October 7th.

Update 10/07/05
Added four new TS1 vids. All of them for story mode, and all of them world records. They are:

Mansion Easy - 29.9
Planet X Easy - 36.9
Planet X Normal - 51.9
Planet X Hard - 50.9

So a nice untied sweep on Planet X, and finally a sub-30 second run on Mansion. Links to the Planet X Normal and Hard vids are at the bottom of the TS1 page.

Update 9/30/05
Two new vids added to the TS1 page. Chinese Easy 33.1, and Chemical Plant Easy 15.6. With those two new times, I now have all nine TS1 Story Easy World Records. To celebrate, I decided to make a special vid with all 9 records thrown together with music and some humor. It turned out quite well, if you ask me.

Download It Now!

Enjoy the vids!

Update 9/28/05
Added three new vids. Starship Whoopers 51 kills, Men in Gray 35.9, and But Where do the Batteries Go? 1:55.7.

Update 9/24/05
Added Docks Easy 42.4 to the TS1 Page.

Update 9/18/05
Added two new TS1 world record vids, Mansion Easy 30.4 and Spaceways Normal 45.5, and also Shrinking from the Cold 25.8 for TS2. I didn't feel like adding a new table, so the link for Spaceways Normal is at the very end of the TS1 page.

Update 9/14/05
Added a new page for my vids for the original Timesplitters. Link to it is over to the left, or here. There's a total of 20 vids, many of which are either world records or quite close to being a world record. Not much else to say other than there's no story normal or story hard vids because I've never really played those difficulties. Despite that, I'm still ranked first over at NGC-Elites, which isn't too shabby. One final note: I'd recommend downloading the vid for 4C Brick Flung High if you haven't seen it already, as I consider it to be perhaps my best performance out of all the vids on this site.

Update 9/9/05
After being down for quite some time, my proof site is back. I'm still not exactly sure what went wrong, but thanks goes to admin, Ngamer, for getting things back in order. In the mean time, I've made several vids and they have all been added. They are:

Big Top Blowout - 62 kills
Can't Handle This - 122.1
Killer Queen - 42.6
Silent But Deadly - 27.0
Scrap Metal - 55.3
Sergio's Last Stand - 500475
Stain Removal - 30.2
Babes in the Woods - 54 kills
Casualty - 29.5
Dam Bursters - 20060

I also have recently gotten a spiffy new computer, which means that any new vids that I do will now have sound. In fact, the last three vids listed above where done on my new comp, so enjoy listening as well as watching. I may also add a Timesplitters 1 page to this site in the near future. Until then, enjoy the vids!

Update 7/18/05
Pretty big update this time. Several new vids have been added, the best of which are the three untied world records on the banana chomp stages. I also went through the trouble of remaking the old Banana Chomp vid, which for those who haven't seen it, featured all three of my record runs on the banana chomp stages set to some music when the records were 39.9, 40.6, and 8.5. It's been redone with the new times of 39.8, 40.4, and 8.6. Download it now:

Banana Chomp

The vids that have been added to the site are:

Gone Bananas - 39.8
Monkey Business - 40.4
Playing With Fire - 8.6
Superfly Lady - 28.4
Club Soda - 56.3

Story Easy:

Notre Dame - 2:46
Wild West - 1:08
Aztec - 1:56
Robot Factory - 3:33

Have fun watching!

Update 7/06/05
Got around to taking care of a couple vids I've had lying around on tape for a while. The big news, however, is that I recently got a tied record on Trouble at the Docks with 13.3, and even though several people have tied it, I'm proud to be the first to have a vid of it.

In other news, I got around to making a story page, which has been added to the site. You'll find the link over to the left side of you screen. Makes it much easier to see what story vids I have rather than sifting through the previous news updates.

Vids that have been added:

Trouble at the Docks - 13.3
Spoils of War - 20.8
Night Shift - 82 kills
Wild West Easy - 1:13

Have fun watching!

Update 6/29/05
Three new story vids have been added, all of them world records and all on easy. I also completed a full story run on easy yesterday and ended up with 28:18. Lots of things went well, but Notre Dame and Robot Factory could have gone a lot better than they did. New vids are:

Siberia - 2:05
Aztec - 1:57
Wild West - 1:15

Update 6/21/05
I'll be doing speedrun through story easy at some point, and right now I'm going through each stage to find good strats and for practice. Thus far I've gotten the world record on every stage I've touched. Not bad, but we'll see if it lasts. The records on Aztec, Wild West, and Notre Dame are good. In any case, I set four new records since last update. Links to them are as follows:

Atom Smasher - 3:07
Chicago - 2:25
Planet X - 2:07
Robot Factory - 3:34

I'll eventually have a vid for every story easy stage, so at some point I'll stop being lazy and actually add a story page to this site. Until then, enjoy the vids!

Update 6/16/05
I finally got 14 bags on Bags of Fun and in doing so I passed Fitzy over at scopinfo to take 3rd place on the ranks. The vid has been made and added to the site. I also added music to the vid seeing how a 7 minute vid with no sound quickly becomes boring. It's an exciting run that honestly should never have made it to 14 considering how many things tried to go wrong. A bit of a warning: On stages that last more than 3 minutes I usually knock the bitrate down to 221 K to keep the filesize down, but I decided not to with this one, so it weighs in at a fairly hefty 18.7 megs.

I also set a few story easy records in the last couple days. They are as follows:

Siberia - 2:07
Atom Smasher - 3:11
Spacestation - 3:46

You know what to do. Right-click, save as.

I also took down the siberia vid I posted in the last update because it sucks.

Update 6/14/05
I tied the world record on Badass Buspass Impass last night with a total fluke of a run that netted me a very nice 39.0. The vid has been added. Watch as I barely survive.

Also for anyone interested, I made a story vid of Siberia Easy done in 2:13 for a guy over at SDA I had a horrible stuck at the end, but the rest of the run went well. You can find that vid right Here.

Update 5/16/05
I broke the minute mark on Top Shot last night with a 57.1. The vid has been made and added to the site for your downloading pleasure. Have fun watching!

Update 5/7/05
Four new vids for this update including one for Killer Queen which means I now have vids available for all of arcade and all challenges. Just have four old school stages to get vids for. Expect them in 2009 or so. The new vids are:

Killer Queen - 47.7
Chastity Chased - 49.8
Sergios Last Stand - 302375
Simian Shootout - 8795


I may have also added a certain 22.2.

Enjoy the vids!

Update 04/7/05
Three new vids added, including one for a stage, Rocket Man, that I previously didn't have a vid for. This bring my total proven stages to 66. Of the 5 unproven stages, only one isn't from old school. Looks like I need to play Killer Queen again. The new vids are:

Rocket Man - 53.2
Day of the Dammed - 136050(last wave)
Double Bill - 55.1

Enjoy the new vids everyone!

Update 04/5/05
Big news for this update. The site has been moved for the second and probably the final time. It is now hosted on A huge thank you goes out to Jon Barber, aka Ngamer, from for giving me a ton of file space and more bandwidth than I'll ever need.

In vid news, 6 new vids have been added. They are:

Batteries - 1:56.6
Dead Fraction - 58.1
Golem Guru - 50.9
Nice Threads - 51.8
Nikki Jinky Bricky - 39.2
RetroRacer - 58.08

Enjoy the vids everyone!

Update 03/11/05
8 new vids added. They are as follows:

Big Top Blowout - 61 kills
Monkey Mayhem - 10550
Bricking It - 17.1
Stain Removal - 31.7
Dam Bursters - 18850
Demolition Derby - 72 Kills
Double Bill - 59.0
Spoils of War - 43.2

With the Monkey Mayhem vid, I have proof for all 21 challenges and I'm now missing vids for only 6 stages. Mostly old school. I've gotten quite a few PR's over the last couple days, plus I still have a backlog of a couple other older vids so expect another update in the next few days. Enjoy the new vids!

In other news, I just recently passed snoozer on the ngc-elite rankings to move into 4th place. Looks like it'll probably be my last rank gain for quite a while, if ever again. Fitzy is going to be hard to catch and TS3 is just around the corner...

Update 02/11/05
First update in a while, and it's a big one. I was hoping to get the honorary and elite vids up sooner than this, but freewebtown had a problem with new users being able to log in to their accounts, and I was affected. I haven't been able to access my account for a couple of weeks now. It's fixed now, finally.

Lots of new stuff. First, almost all of my fastest vids are now uploaded and online. That's 63 in total. In addition, I began making vids again recently after having the process come to a halt when the computer I usually make them on basically died. I figured out how to make them on this slowass machine, but unfortunately I had to sacriifice sound in order to get good video quality. There's some noticable choppiness in some of the vids, but thankfully it's shortlived for the most part. As far as times go, this release of new vids are probably the best yet. They are as follows:

Baking for the Taking - 1:17.0
Brace Yourself - 51.0
Can't Handle This - 1:23.1
Club Soda - 59.7
FOTLD - 2127025
Gone Bananas - 39.9
Monkey Business - 40.6
Nice Threads - 52.9
Playing With Fire - 8.5
Rice Cracker Rush - 2:13.9
Someone Has Got to Pay - 103 Kills
Silent But Deadly - 27.9
Station Stand - 2:20.5
Trouble at the Docks - 13.4
They're Not Pets - 101 Kills

Once again, no sound, but still pretty good. I may also have one more vid I made of a new strat on a certain stage hanging around somewhere, but it's not online just yet...

One last thing. The vids I have hosted on tripod and angelfire apparently don't work when trying to download from this site, so I just linked to my old TS2 vid page,, for the vids in question.

Update 01/22/05
Added 9 vids to get all of the amateur vids available online. In other news, I only have 1 gig of bandwidth for the vids and it's supposed to last 30 days. Right now 350 megs have been used in 7 days, so it looks like I'll end up having to take the vids down when I approach the limit. Fair warning.

Update 01/18/05
Added a 11 more vids, so now all of the challenge vids are online. I also passed harrall on the ranks at ngc-elites tonight and reached 5th place. More vids soon.

Update 01/16/05
Been a while since last update. Moved the site over to freewebtown. Hopefully the vids will stay up for a while. I'm currently waiting on Frott from to get everthing cleared with fileplanet, where my vids will hopefully find a permanent home. I have 18 new vids online, plus I added the ones I already have on my tripod account at, bringing the total to 27 online vids. I'll upload more vids soon, just as long as this account stays up.

I also have a few new vids available over aim, but it's been so long since an update that I can't rember which ones they are, so I'm not even going to attempt listing which ones they are. Finally, it's looking like it'll be awhile before I make any new vids as the computer I use to make them is very much broken.

Update 10/24/04
I have 13 new vids available over aim and 6 more stages proven. I also recently moved past Samshady on ngc into 7th place. Last I checked, I only have 25 points before I catch up to gamerfusion and 6th.

New vids are: Shrinking from the Cold 29.8, Night Shift 80, Stain Removal 32.5, Starship Whoopers 50, Superfly Lady 37.8, They're Not Pets 89, Can't Handle This 1:24.8, Club Soda 1:02.4, Hangar Hats Off 50.3, Nice Threads 53.1, Nikki Jinky Bricky 50.2, R109 Beta 78, Rice Cracker Rush 2:16.3.

I also updated a few other times and everything should be current. Oh, and I now have all 15 arcade amateur stages proven! I'm still working on getting my vids available online. I hope to have them within the next two weeks, although that's what I said last update...

Update 10/07/04
Made a few new vids, and also found a couple of vids that I'd missed. Bricking It 17.9, Men in Gray 37.0, Silent But Deadly 31.6, Chastity Chased 50.3, Brace Yourself 54.1, Time to Split 59.9, and Big Top Blowout 59.9 are now all available over AIM.

In other news, tripod hates me so almost all of the vids are down. Right now I'm trying to get everything hosted elsewhere, and it looks like things are working out. Hopefully, almost everything will be online within a week or two.

Update 10/07/04
So far I have all of the challenge vids online and a few others here and there. I'll be working on getting the arcade vids up in the next week or two. Enjoy!

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